Life is a Near-Death Experience!

Have you had a near-death experience?

Have you had the experience of almost dying, or of realizing that you have the choice of whether you want to continue living on this planet, or move on?

It's a powerful experience to live through. Things get incredibly clear and simple. You realize - REALLY realize, as a body experienced truth - that you can go at any time.

And that's the truth of living. WE CAN DIE AT ANY TIME. Your heart could stop beating. A lightning bolt could strike you. A truck could smash you. A virus could get you. This human life is so fragile, so brief. This human life will end.

We do not understand this thing called life, and though we seem to exert a good amount of control over it with modern technology and medicine, we do not ultimately control it. The truth remains that everything born on this planet will die.

So...Are you living this life?