Writing Again.

I've taken a few years off of writing.

I blogged fairly regularly for years on my blog at lunasealife.wordpress.com. Life, spirituality, philosophy, travel. But when I moved back to the US from Italy after being abroad for a few years, I stopped writing. 

Creatives need to create. And we're pressured to DO something, anything, be productive, by society. So the time I took off of creating, I see now that there were a few reasons.

1. Learning to be ok with not doing anything

Personal value and worth are not tied to anything external - anything we do or don't do. I had to come to terms by going through a time of not doing anything worthy or valuable. Just... being. Existing. And figuring out how to be ok with that. With just being and existing. I think it's fine to do stuff because you want to, because it's joyful. But most of us, I don't think, actually do THAT. At least I didn't. I did things because I thought they were expected of me, that others expected them of me, that if I didn't do them something was wrong, I was wrong, things would be bad. I would be bad.

2. Incubation

I was doing a lot of personal growth work. I was mostly celebate. I wasn't working. I wasn't creating. I wasn't in a relationship. So all of that mental, sexual, emotional and creative energy had no outlets - it was all circulating within me. I used to to blast through a lot of walls. To do a lot of healing. To see through the lies, the mistruths, the illusions, the chains. To free myself.


We don't always know what we're doing in life, or why. Getting comfortable with the unknown the mystery, is one of the most profound journeys you can take as a human being. Here's to enjoying the journey!