Spiritual Bullshit: Episode 1


Spiritual Bullshit with Tigmonk and Maya Lila! In this first episode they playfully explore topics like perception, reality, life, death, divinity, fear, parenting, and the thrilling game of it all.

Tigmonk is the pen-name of Tiger Singleton, who is playfully described as a modern-day mystic; someone in intimate communication with the source of life. His gift is to clarify the experience of being human, so that Joy can be seen. Tiger is an internal wellness Coach/Guide, Author, Speaker, Poet, and the founder of The School of Blooming, www.TSB81.com. His Teachings (Sharing) go beyond mere intellect, and reach deep into the Heart; making it quite clear that real liberation from suffering & conflict is a journey that begins and ends with our most Sincere Self.

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