In 2011 I was laid off of my tech job in Los Angeles, where I'd been living for 14 years. I decided to take a leap into the void of the unknown - I sold my car, my furniture, and 75% of my possessions, and began to travel. Everyone freaked out when I sold my car - it's LA, you NEED a CAR.

I went on a 3-week cross-country road trip. I lived in New York and DC for a few months. I flew down to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and lived there for 7 months. 

A friend invited me to visit her in the windy, remote lands of Patagonia. I asked if I could just move there. She said yes. I packed my 2 bags, all my possessions. 

After a few months of horses and empty space, I got on a plane to Italy. 


I love going new places - not just visiting, but moving in. Living there. For me, it doesn't matter if I stay a week or a year - if I've got all my possessions with me and I have no home to return to, I am living there. REALLY living, alive living.

I love the exploration, the discovery. I love the novelty, the adventure. Everything is fresh and beautiful.

Almost everyone I know wants to travel more. So why not do it? We're all going to exit the planet someday. I personally don't want to die with a long list of places-I-wish-I'd-seen. Get moving. Time is ticking and there are adventures to be had!