Minimalism ties in with the nomadism. I used to collect rocks and books before I became I nomad. I had to let all of that go. Letting go of the books was terrifying - I realized that I identified with them. I felt "less than" without them. I had this irrational fear that my books contained knowledge I needed in order to be complete.

I'm a recovering packrat. I love minimalism for the simplicity and clarity of it. I don't want to worry about a lot of crap and clutter; but if I don't have minimalism as a goal and guiding principle, the stuff accumulates and procreates like dust bunnies.

For me, under the clutter and packratism was fear - fear of not having enough, fear of not being enough, fear of really living without blocks and mounds of stuff in my way.

For me, minimalism is freedom, clarity, simplicity, beauty.