Divine amnesia.

That's my favorite phrase to describe this human experience. We've all got divine amnesia. I think that's why amnesia is a much-loved movie plot - deep down we know it's the truth of things. We've forgotten who we really are, forgotten where and who we were before we were birthed into this world.

As I see it, we're all god in a skin suit, god in drag. God is merely all-that-is. It's... it. Everything. There is nothing that is NOT god, or go*d, as I like to spell it, since it's all go*d. Go*d can't be described or labelled or comprehended by our limited little human minds, or with limited little words, which are always definite by what they are not - like the finger pointing at the moon, not the moon itself.

We're more than what we see with our eyes and perceive with our senses. There is more to this existence. We've all felt it. The magic. The divine. We're all here, breathing, thinking. It's a miracle.

When we remember we're divine, we're not afraid, we don't act from fear, and we don't cause harm. We live from a sense of wholeness, of joy, of creativity. It's beautiful. It's fun. It's the game I want to play. Crazy? Maybe. Enjoyable? Definitely.


Fearless, loving presence. Being that. Being fearless because we remember that we're infinite.